Michael Essa Formula Drift 2013 Update

Switched back into gear for finishing up Mike Essa’s BMW parts for his S54 setup debuting @ Formula Drift Long Beach April 12-13th. Michael will be running the E46 chassis for this season, aspiring to be more competitive then his counter part Z4 coupe. The DOC Race Twinscroll Topmount and high volume intake manifold will be sure to increase his already competitve S54 setup in the Z4; now in a chassis with wheelbase the rest will be history! Here’s a couple peaks as we button up the wastegate outlet and add the necessary bungs for monitoring back-pressure and temperature…


Even though the GT42R looks wonderful on the topmount, Michael will be running a Garrett GTX35R as he did last year already making an impressive 760whp! It will be interesting to see the adjusted power for this season along with the more manageable chassis.


There will be tons of updates as Michael get’s ready for the 2013 season, checkout his build thread on European Car Web.


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