Supra Head

Last time, we pulled the head off the Supra to upgrade some of the components so we could not only make more power, but log the results in reasonable increments of this build.


Since then, we got the cylinder-head back from Brian over at M&B Cylinder Heads. Brian fully serviced the head including hot-tank, surfacing, added some Titanium springs and retainers from BC and spec’d out some Stage 3 BC camshafts. Before we dropped the head-off, we did some light porting to clean-up the castings of the head ports, but nothing to increase the port size.


Pictured with our 2JZ Billet Intake Flange mated up:


With everything fresh and clean we are going to add some ARP headstuds and sandwich everything back together. Even though the camshafts alone will make a large change in air delivery, we are excited to see the differences in powerband with these handful of modifications. We will have a nice overlay of graphs after the fresh cylinder head and plan to do more testing and comparisons in the future, such as a fully ported head comparison for reference.



As everything goes back together we will have some updates of the dyno and performance changes with the new setup. If your looking to upgrade your 2J/1J engine, visit the DOC Race Store for our manifold line-up.

We have multiple different manifold applications, shoot us an email if you have any questions about your projects needs.

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