2013 Formula Drift M3

DOC Race is proud to announce our collaboration with Michael Essa from GSR Autosport for the 2013 Formula D season! Michael is a very talented driver in the Formula D series and has become well-known for his unique Z4 chassis pumping the S54 engine over 700whp with a GTX35R. This year we’re going to be mating our E46 Twinscroll Topmount and High-flow Intake manifold to his new E46 chassis and engine.

Michael’s 2013 chassis build is very impressive and we are extremely excited to push the limits and work with Michael on this build for the upcoming season. As we button-up Michael’s Synapse wastegate outlet it will then be fit into the chassis shortly! Here’s a few updates of the gate outlet getting finalized….



To have optimum wastegate control, the dual outlet has been placed right after the 3-1 merge collectors, at the base of the Twinscroll up-pipe. This position gives the Synapse gate direct control of the exhaust stream without interrupting flow characteristics in-turn maximizing the turbochargers capabilities..



A 2-1 merge was designed to direct each exhaust banks pulses correctly into the wastegate inlet..


Now that everything is mocked-up for the outlet, it’s time for some porting and final welding of the outlet to the manifold. We’ll have updates of Michael’s build as it continues to make progress.

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