DOC S13 Side Exit Exhaust

When we last worked on the exhaust system for the S13 we had already had the 4″ oval downpipe finished. From the downpipe we created the rest of the exhaust from 4″ oval straight and went to town on some pie cuts to exit right behind the front fender, which we finished the majority of last time as-well.

This time around the design for the sideskirt heat plate was put into effect. Thanks to the metal magic of Brian’s mentor, he came up with a three layer plate ready for me to do some trimming and shaping to the K’s Aero sideskirt. The idea behind the plate is to have a layer that accepts heat packing to reduce heat transfer caused from the exhaust gasses and alleviate any melting of the urethane sideskirt and soon-to-be mack-daddy Beldin paintjob.

Starting with the inner skin of the exhaust plates, I began trimming the exit area that is flush with the skirt and also trimming the edges of where the three pieces will be fastened together. A slight overhang of the top edge is on this layer which protrudes slightly outside of the flat section against the skirt; I like the look of this so I kept it there for the time being.

After trimming was completed, I removed the sideskirt and started fitting the plate to the tunnel exit.

The sideskirt required some minor trimming to shape around the tunnel exit pieces.

With everything trimmed and re-fit, I clamped everything down and made holes into the firts two layers for fasteners to be places so everything is still removable for replacing heat packing and adjusting the layers for install.

The two layers were bolted together, and the top layer which will hold the packing within the airspace between both ovaled layers was fastened down.

The outer plate required some trimming, sanding and a bend on the brake to overlay the sideskirts contour into the rocker panel. Once everthing was fit and shaped, I fastened the plate to the rocker panel overlaying the sideskirt.

Now that the protection plate is completed, some final welding to the tunnel is in-store so everything can be painted and re-assembled for actual use. The exhaust tip section can now be directed with the protection plates installed as-well, with only about a foot and a half left to completely exit the sideskirt.

We will have updates shortly of the tunnel finishing and exhaust tip. Everything will be disassembled to send the car to paint so i’m kinda dragging my feet since I don’t want the car to leave JUST yet….


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