BMW E46 M3 Turbo Manifold~

Since the last fitment of our Tubular Bottom-mount turbo manifold we also located the wastegate position during that fitment session. Now that we have had the entire manifold clearanced in the chassis and the wastegate positioned, we have completed the production manifolds.

Given the space constraints we had to get very creative with the runner design to gain as much length out of the runners as we could while still equalizing them as best as possible. There is absolutely no room in the E46 chassis with the S54 engine being tilted on the exhaust bank, on-top of shoehorning a complete turbo system that was never intended to exist on it. Horsepower Freaks has done a wonderful job of designing a complete turbo system that is available in multiple stages depending on power goals; our tubular manifold has brought the potential to an even higher level.

Our tubular manifold is available as an option with the Horsepower Freaks kit and is also a great upgrade to the existing kits out there looking to maximize the potential of their turbocharger. It has been known that a “bottle-neck” has constrained the high horsepower limits coupled with a built S54 Engine Block and drivetrain; this is no longer the case.

ALL of our Tubular Manifolds for the E46 come standard with High Temp Ceramic Coating, are fully back-purged and ported for a reliable and devastating power output!

Dual wastegate outlets draw exhaust pulses from the DOC Race Open T4 Merge Collector

This does not require any changes to the HPF turbo-kit, it’s a direct bolt-on affair. Great boost control and high power potential is included in this tubular upgrade


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