DOC Race E46 M3 Turbo~

Re-fit of completed tubular turbo manifolds has been accomplished so we are now mapping out wastegate positions and awaiting the arrival of our ProEFI computer system. In the meantime, turbocharging this M3 will require some other areas of concern such as the fuel system and the factory Intake Manifold. The OEM Intake Manifold is a great design, it just isn’t designed to hold the types of pressure that is applied in boosted form. Going to a heavy wall Aluminum design was necessary so we began that venture while accruing the other turbocharging items.

Pictured is the Factory Intake Plenum for the E46 M3..

You can see the velocity stack design implemented in the factory plenum, we have some aluminum stacks we are incorporating in our design..

Our plenum has taken shape according to our design specifications; this should come together fairly quickly with the small parts list that we have already got on the way to make some further progress! Ready to make some horsepower…


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