Supra 4″ Titanium Cat-back Exhaust~

We’ve had the Titanium Supra Cat-back finished for a few weeks now, we brought it down to Formula D Irwindale with us so since we got back we have been dying to throw it on the car. This system is made entirely from titanium including the muffler which was designed and built in-house. The DOC Race Titanium mufflers are something we have been working on for some-time, including our Titanium 2.5″ 350Z mufflers we designed last year.

Up until now we have had the ETS 4″ Stainless system on our Supra and have been happy with it less the raspy exhaust note through the Aero Turbine muffler used within that specific system. We were hoping to get a smoother tone from the 2JZ by going to the titanium and also using some specialty packing material to help reduce droning and “rasp”. Here’s a pic of some prep on the 4″ D.O.C Ti Muffler getting ready to seal it up…

With the muffler sealed we then proceeded to complete the Titanium joints of the cat-back system which is done in a complete 1-piece design..

As soon as we got back to the shop we removed the original system that had gear oil burned into it from the blown differential last season and did some comparisons between the systems.

The trimming modifications that have already been made to the rear and also the plans of the rear diffuser setup on the Supra we wanted the tip design to protrude out a bit further then the Aero turbine does eliminating any soot that may build up..

The muffler design is quite a bit different then the Aero Turbine and allowed for some extra packing material hoping for some resonance in this single muffler system.

We were able to reduce the weight of the entire exhaust system just about 10lbs total compared to the ETS Stainless system. The DOC Race Titanium Cat-back weighs in at 12lbs total!

With the system installed we did a short run clip of each of these exhaust systems on our Supra. The specs on this car as far as effecting sound goes include a completely factory cylinder head, JDM camshafts, factory compression and a complete 4″ straight through system from the GT40R on-top of a DOC Race Open T4 Exhaust Manifold.

4″ Stainless ETS Cat-back Sound Test:

4″ Titanium DOC Race Cat-back Sound Test:

Visit the DOC Store to purchase your Titanium Supra Cat-back today!


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