Formula Drift Irwindale

Got back from Irwindale and what an experience it was, met tons of cool people who we have known of from the Drifting seen which made it nice to put a personality to the face. Alex Pfeiffer’s booth was posted up next to ours and what an awesome dude to hang with throughout the event madness. Checkout Battle Version for your race car suspension needs, he offers tons of drift chassis stuff and has great capabilities.

Representing the Northwest Andrew Coomes was out in his white monster and Rob Primo showed up itching to drive but apparently the pro-am guys didn’t get there shit together in time! Sorry Jeremy Richter, I know you were dying to hit the bank as well.

From the Northwest as-well was Rolland Gallagher who I personally have seen locally for some time now and actually had a chance to meet him. What a breath of fresh air it was to meet someone focused and determined regardless of circumstances and STILL rocking the SR on the bank with all the big boys, you will be sure to see him next year going hard as ever!

We also had a great view of this years Formula D champion Daigo Saito in his 2JZ powered SC430……yeah V8 converters, focus on some driving and enjoy your boosted machines!

Here’s a pic from Yaer Productions of Daigo murking tires this last weekend….

Another from Yaer during practice…

It was a nice trek from Portland Oregon down to Irwindale and well worth the trip!

We arrived exactly 10 min before the gates opened for practice and qualifying on Friday. We set up on Friday for the most part only making a few additions to our area for Game day…

Everyone swarmed in within minutes on Saturday so we hit the paddock and got it started, it was a wild day and really didn’t even have a chance to do much but talk to people about setups and get everyone on the right track!

We didn’t take a bunch of pictures, you suckers have to experience this one for yourselves! See you at Long Beach!

Hit the DOC Store to get your boost on for next year!


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