DOC Race Exhaust~

The thirteen has been coming together very well, did some tuning and have everything functioning proper. Finished up the breather setup last week for the crank case ventilation. The final touches needed to get this thing back to Mr. Beldin is down to the exhaust and getting the sideskirt exhaust plate fitted so the skirt can be trimmed and re-fit.

So we have had this Tomahawk exhaust system on paper and in our brains for over 2 years now; seeing it unfold and turnout exactly as planned and look exceptionally better then it was ever dreamed up to be is very rewarding. 4″ oval stainless and over 15 pie cuts for tunnel routing and you know you have a winner..

The idea around this exhaust system besides having the extra diameter tubing for potential horsepower is simply ground clearance. Clapping your exhaust system can become a factor when your riding low to the ground; i’m sure any 240 owner can relate to ground down exhaust flanges and smashed frame rails also resulting in stress to the Turbo System flexing on all the turbo hardware and exhaust studs.

This system has incorporated the factory catalytic converter tunnel and adapted the S13 frame rail to route the oval system along and then over the frames lowest position for ample clearance and a short un-restrictive turbo back system.

Plus, it sounds badass when you get your bell rung right off the door skin. Last time we pied out the 22 gauge Titanium dumptube which drapes around the steering shaft and 2 skoshes off the 4″ V-band clamp. Fitment of this system is crucial considering it’s a left-hand drive vehicle and has a full 4″ system by the steering shaft/booster/firewall..

Flashing back in-time to the downpipe transition, we worked our way from the exhaust housing back, to figure out the oval cuts and angles needed for the rest of the system.

Making cuts like slicing ham..

SPAM exhaust tip maybe? Aloha boy!

Lord have mercy, the Dragons back is chiseled up like Olivia Wilde’s cheekbones!

I think a whole bottle of Argon was used in the making of this film….

On to the next! Visit the DOC Race Store for your SR20 needs!


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