DOC Race 335i Twinscroll Manifold~

We have been working with Horsepower Freaks on there development of a 335i single turbo setup. To do so, a DOC Race custom turbo manifold was needed to fit the desired turbocharger(s) and allow an increase in power that the factory N54 twins are limited to. The prototype T4 manifold pictured above, supported an H cover 72mm Precision Turbo with a single 44mm V-band outlet. In re-evaluating the tuning parameters of the 335i stand-alone system, we have started development of a T4 Twinscroll manifold that will be using a PTE 6466 Ball-bearing unit and dual Tial MVS wastegates.

We will be updating the placement and manifold design shortly as it unfolds! Visit the DOC Store for your custom turbo manifold today!


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