DOC Race Titanium Lugnuts~

We have been working on some specialty DOC Race hardware including our D.O.C fade titanium turbo flange hardware. Another high grade hardware option we are finalizing is the DOC Race Titanium lugnuts. These are much lighter then standard nuts and have exceptionally stronger properties to secure your wheels with proper torquing. These are available in 12×1.25 and 12×1.5…

Our Turbo Flange hardware is on special starting today, included for Free with a special Coupon Code only to DOC Race customers that make a manifold purchase that offers a T3, T4 or T4 divided flange through the DOC Race Store. For more information on this special Contact us and get your Free Titanium Turbo Hardware today!

2 thoughts on “DOC Race Titanium Lugnuts~

    • This is high grade titanium, it is very strong. Most likely you would have wheel stud issues before the lug nuts, I still recommend anti-seize though.

      No pricing on the lug nuts just yet. They will be released shortly so keep in touch for introductory pricing!

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