S13 Breather System/V-mount Ducting~

Mr. Beldin came by the other day and snatched up the sideskirt for the Thirteen to start bending some sheetmetal for the exhaust tunnel heat-shield that will be protecting the sideskirt from paint melting temperatures. While the rest of the oval tubing is on order and the heat shield is being formed, I took this time to move forward with some of the other 10 million projects that have been on the light faded and metal scarred checklist.

Since everything is copacetic mechanically and Brian is about ready to get the car back to the paint studio, I needed to start working on the ducting and have everything done before paint. Starting with templates for trimming and forming we went fourth with making the soon-to-be sheet metal air ducting that will allow the S13’s custom V-mount to expend air like it was intended to. I started with the original plans in poster paper to start shaping and ducting the passenger side radiator cavity so the escape of air will only occur while cooling the fluid systems of the SR20…

Ducting will be flushed up with the trimmed and shaped Silvia K’s bumper and then tuck into the front lip not leaving any dead or wasted path of air. Towards the back; or the V portion of the cooler layout, i’m planning to shape that section upwards and “cap-off” the Intercooler tank to help force the rest of the inlet air through the hood vents and dragging any possible heat with it..

A bit more shaping is needed to find the BRAKE bend points for the finalized sheet metal template which will have a few relief cuts also. Should have the complete shape finished up tomorrow and on to some actual sheet metal shaping to match the driver-side duct also.

Another portion that I wanted to work on was completing the Positive Crankcase Pressure System. On the driver side “fender-tank” we designed a divided reservoir that retains the power-steering fluids in front and in the rear chamber halve expends any positive crankcase pressure. The entire positive pressure system is plumbed in -10AN lines and is being relieved with a Dual -8AN K&N custom filter system. Inside of these breather’s are diffused tubes that will allow pressure to relieve and potentially keep any fluid that may travel into the reservoir inside..

Another bracket is being added to the “fender-tank” and then off to finishing for a final install after paint. We’ll have updates shortly for the V-mount ducting hopefully with hardware and a solid install on the radiator portion. After the radiator ducting is completed there is still the headlight duct caps getting shaped and also the intercooler exit duct which will then complete the front portion of air travel. On to the undercarriage after that…

DOC Store Custom Intercoolers


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