Battle of the Ages, PIR August 18th

Blew the dust off the Supra; going to take it out to the carshow/night drags event this weekend at Portland International Raceway. The event is “Battle of the ages” and will be a carshow starting at noon with all types of makes/models with different vendors who are bringing products and cars out. DOC Race will have a booth showcasing our turbo manifolds and our fabricated vehicles..

Preparing the Supra, we got back the CCW wheels that were originally on until we started using the extra 18’s for beatin up PARC. We had them anodized semi-gloss black and also had the Intake Manifold to match. Going to start putting everything back together in the engine compartment and get the front tires mounted so we can get the wheels on as well.

We were really happy with the way the anodizing turned out, we’ll clean a few things up this time until we can tear it apart for some winter plans and changes that are in-store for next season…

Very anxious to get the wheels back on the car considering how right they looked to begin with. The semi-gloss black finish will contrast well on the white paint and carbon accents…

See you out at PIR this weekend!


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