Formula D Throwdown Monroe, WA~

Headed up to Northern Washington for another great Formula Drift event which had practice and qualifying on Friday to determine the Event day on Saturday. We have a couple local drivers that we support who are involved in the Drifting Series so we came out to see them on there way into competition…

Tons of smoke as the pro’s cooked some rubbers up on the Evergreen Bank and into the final sections of the course…

Always a great turnout at the Evergreen venue, and this year was even more of a success with the increased amount of vendors and also participants into competition. I noticed a great increase in Pro-am drivers fighting there way to get there Formula D pro license on the hook…

A lot of people enjoying themselves checking out all the cars in the pits…

Tons to look at and quality craftsmanship was inside some of the pit areas, while others worked with what they got. Most of the guys out here are on every last nickle so you can appreciate the dedication to even make it to the event on such a budget!

Some of the higher budget teams have much tighter, cleaner and functioning engine bays compared to the lower budget guys..

Before qualifying started there was lots of practice runs getting cars adjusted and feeling out the track before wide-open-throttle action. Even though it seems to be wide-open all the time, you can notice a change in technique when the Pro’s are pushing during competition.

The Evergreen bank is about an 80mph entrance initiating the drift, it’s the fastest course on the Formula D circuit and is definitely something to come-out and watch if you have never been!

Kyle Pollard out of Portland in the red S13 qualified in the Top-32..

Conrad Grunewald shredding tires through the final clippings during practice in his Hankook Tires Camaro..

Even after cars are long gone from there runs and bumpers are stagnant on the track, you can still see the lingering of smoke over all the fans heads. I think I got the black-lung pop…

And then you have Jeremy Richter….

While qualifying 16th within 1 point, his rod bearings decided to take another circle or two puking his 1JZ engine. A big bummer for Jeremy especially since he qualified, but Scott Pham from SV Performance runs back down to Portland, grabs his extra 1JZ block, brings it back up to Evergreen so the SV boys can dismantle his car in the gravel pit area and put a new block in just before practice the following morning. That’s called competitive spirit and giving every amount of will power to execute such a feat in that small amount of time. Big-ups to everyone involved in that miracle!

Jeremy then went first in Pro-am going up against the 1st place qualifier Kory Keezer…

Jeremy advanced to the next round, making all the hard work more then worth it. Also from SV Performance was Jim Xiong in his R32 skyline; VQ35 Powered and turbocharged. Jim was looking great out there and just barely got knocked from advancing…

If you have never seen drifting, they do a tsisou battle, which is a tandem run allowing each driver to have a lead and a chase lap allowing the judging to be done accordingly to the driving differences. Some people will beg to differ on the word “accuracy” for judging considering the controversial calls this season alone. Only makes for better excitement, bring on the drama. With how on edge drifting is, switching positions usually makes for some great excitement for the spectators..

In Jeremy’s next round he had an impact with the other driver spinning in-front of him.

Make sure to come out next year to the Evergreen event for a great time! There’s still 2 more rounds left this year, Las Vegas and Irwindale which is the season closer if you have a chance. You might get cooked in Vegas…

Until next time and back to the drawing board.

There we tons of cars throughout the carshow that I didn’t even get a chance to get pics of. These were some cars that were at the event and also a few others from the hotel where we stayed:


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