-DOC Race S13 Dyno-

Titanium flange came-in so we could finish up the Wastegate dumptube! Let’s GO~

We completed most of the center section of the dumptube with pie-cuts the other night, with the flange here now we added a couple more pies and about a foot of straight for the exit of the w.gate dump.

This thing is STUPID light and unbelievably strong for such a thin-gauge material; we really enjoy it when we get to work with such high grade materials like Titanium. It just tends to be coming out of our own pocket and on our own projects because the price tag on even just materials. Everything takes a lot more prep and heavy use from equipment even down to the saw-blades and extra welding gas.

Dumptube is installed so it’s dyno-time. I bled the brakes last night and did a quick alignment so everything is ready to go.

Expect dyno video and updates on the rest of the side exit exhaust….then teardown and back to paint!


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