-DOC Race S13-

Lots of small things before dyno-time can be had. Mostly going over checklists making sure fasteners are proper and fluids are correct so there can be minimal delays for the first tuning session. Everything seems to be in-order now, suspension is buttoned up, fluids are correct, boost controllers hooked up just needed to workout a dumptube for the Tial 44mm outlet.

Had a titanium flange machined for the V-band outlet so we started baking pies with some thin-wall titanium tubing.

With some links tacked in place, the overall shape of the dumptube was set on the frame-rail side of the steering shaft. Replenish the purging gas and add some straight for the exiting portion and the dumptube has another good session on it…

The majority was welded up ready to add some straight and weld the flange. Expecting the flange tomorrow so within the next couple days we will be able to button that part up and bleed brakes for the maiden voyage..


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