D.R. Nissan S13 Assembly~

This project has been on-going for a number of years and has entered and exited many different stages. To complete the cooling system was the last area of concern before it entered the Metal Lab for widening and deletion of misc. body blemishes.

Now that the car has re-entered our facility, it has been grind time for cleaning and re-assembly of the completely custom V-mount everything car. There is no one direction of this project; it is solely for the purpose of doing anything and everything possible with minor mapping changes and suspension settings. Included in the abilities of the car is to be a complete daily driven vehicle also participating in Drift/Drag and road-racing events for ultimate enjoyment.

Thanks to Mr. Beldin this cars dreams and plans of metal fabricated widebody have came true!

First things first, tear everything down and begin cleaning and going over necessary components to prepare the engine for first start up.

With everything layed out each component was thoroughly cleaned and prepared for installation. It was very surreal to see the history included with the components built for this car; irreplaceable parts with many hours spent designing and executing the fabrication involved as far back as 2004..

Now that everything is clean, it is time to assemble and begin installing the massive list of parts that have accrued during the cars 8 month widening process…

During assembly, everything is being done to put this car in a mechanically functioning state including dyno-tuned. There is a list of components lined up to complete the suspension that will be introduced after it gets torn apart again, and is back from the painting process.

We want everything to be copacetic for the final assembly which will include the suspension parts such as the S15 rear subframe with SPL solid risers, 350Z 6-spd transmission, front subframe with steering rack relocation, lower control arms, Corrected Spindals and many other knick-knacks..

Also with re-assembly the current fuel system layout will have an addition of a fuel surge tank to prevent any sloshing/cavitation issues for long hard G’d corners. The current 17gallon fuel cell is filled with Fuel Foam to also prevent any fueling issues. The entire fuel system is -8 braided hose with a Magnafuel Pro-tuner 625 pump, Magnafuel Pressure Regulator and Injector Dynamics 2200cc Top Feed injectors.

Once the wiring harness was cleaned it was “mocked” back into the car for startup preparation. Looming will be done once everything is functioning properly. The custom DOC Race Intake Manifold seemed like a good start so I began on the passenger bank routing wiring which started with a brand-new OEM SR20DET engine harness that was then modified/shortened/re-routed for the new layout.

The OEM chassis harness was also used on this chassis being it IS a complete street car utilizing a lot of the factory options including Power windows, moon roof, etc. Not to mention a lot of lightening was done within the harness since the setup is simplifying a majority of useless sensors.

The current short-block setup consists of a factory sleeved SR20DET bottom end, using OEM crank with Crower H-beam rods and 9.1:1 CP pistons. All ARP fasteners and a Metal headgasket quench the JUN Auto Stage 5 cylinder head.

The cylinder head is the original S13 High Port castings that JUN starts fresh with Brand New from Nissan. They begin there 33% Port increase and complete assembly of All Titanium valvetrain. JUN Auto 272 Intake/Exhaust cams are a top with JUN auto adjustable cam gears for overlap correction.

The Intake Air Temperature sensor probe was installed and all of the vacuum ports cleaned up for the -4 hose ends to plumb the vacuum system.

With the DOC Race Intake Manifold installed, so was the Magnafuel pressure regulator and the custom DOC Fuel rail plugged with the ID 2200’s..

Moving to the left-bank to install the custom turbo-manifold which places the Billet Precision 67/68 Ball-bearing turbo as far forward as possible to eliminate intercooler piping.

Retaining power-steering was a must so a custom power steering bracket assemble was built to relocate the powersteering pump where the A/C pump generally is located..

With the manifold installed, the Turbo and Tial 44mm V-band wastegate were coupled…

Many different fire retardant trinkets are on order to ensure no classic 240sx meltdown fires including a DEI Titanium turbine housing shield and fire-proof hose wrap..

With the air delivery taken care of, on to the cooling system starting with the Custom Dual-pass Ron Davis radiator…

Last time around we hit a wall with fabricating the cooling system. The -24 AN Earls Hose-ends were back-ordered three different times and put a funk in completion of the final inlet.

With further contemplation and plans of running an electric water pump setup, -16 was best coupled to adapt a Meziere electric pump so it had to be used on the final inlet to the radiator…

Completing the water outlet was the last portion to seal the cooling system giving me a chance to assemble the rest of the components…

Snugged up a couple hose-ends and she was ready for some water!

The cooling system is complete, water is full and we have some fresh oil in the engine. At that point everything was ready to power up and begin calibrations through the AEM computer.

Next will be some tuning…..


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