DOC Race V-mount Civic Update~

Brian got his new wheels in which we have been excited to test fit with an extra 1″ of width and a +15 offset. He went from a 17×8.5 on his original TE37’s to a 17×9.5 All Around using the same 255’s..

We made some progress by mounting the custom intercooler with some lightweight sheetmetal bracket boxes. The Intercooler we built for this project is a vertical flow core that is good for over 600hp and has custom endtanks to eliminate extra intercooler piping for less charge drop giving optimum spooling characteristics of the Billet Precision 62/62 turbocharger. The Intercooler Setup was designed with the Custom Intake Manifold which has a center-set 3″ throttle-body placed for no chargepiping…

With the Grill area trimmed the short pie's will be mind boggling...

Everything fits wonderful, now anxious to order the custom Radiator to get the airflow directed and ducted for optimum cooling…


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