DOC 350Z Turbokit Update~

Since development of the DOC Race 350Z Turbokit, we have been doing extensive testing in search of a complete, easy to install turbo-kit that can be ran in it’s entry level  form at low or high boost levels, factory exhaust manifolds and eliminating unnecessary high engine compartment temperatures. This kit is based on the 2004 Nissan 350Z chassis with the VQ35DE engine; factory internals are equipped in these early stages of development.

Plenty of ground clearance testing has been done the last few months after installing the AMR Coilovers and putting this chassis on the ground…holy speed bumps

We chose the lower left engine bank position to keep Z engine-bay temps down especially for extreme driving situations, it can get hot with extra exhaust parts routed. Reliability and capability become the correct balance with the quality parts used in this kit; not limiting the power potential with a Precision 67mm Turbo and giving smooth day to day operation at low boost levels. A Tial MVR Wastegate is routed off of the Turbo Outlet pipe with an instant Open Dumptube.

This entire kit was installed on the ground on jack-stands, showing just how easy a 400whp Z is possible. No engine dropping while retaining the factory headers.

The oil return scavenge pump system is in-place for the lack of gravity to return the expended oil. The last few months of street testing the kit this system has worked fantastic; a Comp oil-less Triple Ceramic Bearing Turbo option is available for anyone wanting to simplify there setup and not go this direction upon order.

All of the recent road testing has been done with a factory fuel system, using a Haltech Platinum with lite mapping. At 4psi wastegate spring duty the fuel system is already maxed out awaiting the upgrade which is currently in development. (4/10/12)

DOC Race Turbo 350Z 4psi


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