SVP’s VQ Powered R32~

Completing the VQ35 Intake Manifold for Jim @ SV Performance’s R32 Skyline allowed him to pick-up some bottom-end torque with his VQ swap…

Jim took his car up to Nissan Fest at Evergreen last weekend and noticed substantial gains through his powerband with the upgraded intake manifold. Still shy on some ponies, we got together with SV to help develop more then just a little bit. Jim brought his car by DOC with a box of parts and let us loose on inserting some power into this R32 chassis, we started with a custom DOC Race Intercooler core to support anything that’s thrown at it…

With the 700hp Intercooler mounted, we started plumbing the cold-side intercooler pipe with the airflow meter in-line and plenty of steering lock clearance…

This week we will be working on placing the turbo, building the hot-side intercooler pipe and then finalizing the turbo-kit with a custom tubular DOC Race Turbo Manifold and Downpipe..


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