S13 Body Is Complete!

The bodywork is finished, sheetmetal work is matched up and everything less the front lip is primed and speckled with guide-coat ready to prep for paint!

The car is coming back to put everything back together and finish up some lite fabrication to the cooling system and exhaust. Since absolutely EVERYTHING on this car has been addressed, modified and improved during the build we want to have everything copacetic before we lay the paint down so it’s as fresh as a newborn out the sack!

Here’s some before and afters of the bodywork, currently running SSR MS1’s in 17×10 +6 up front and 18×11 +3 out back….



With the new alignment settings the car was lowered 3″ and another alignment was done to then start building the inner flare structure.

During development of the custom rear widebody, we began widening the already 30mm wide front fiberglass fenders. The way the car sat it had -3.5 degrees of camber in the front with some lite trimming to the existing wide fenders.

After Beldin got his hands on the fenders he began sectioning them to bring the front flares out giving them an additional 50mm of width.

With the first shape created Brian wanted to add his own bodyline into the fenders to give them some character. Typically the S13 fenders just “fall-off” on the edges and don’t really have anything to the radius. With some shaping and molding Brian gave the wide fenders some squareness and with a couple more alignments we were able to get full steering at -1 degree of camber up front.

I plan on running 265’s up front so pictured with a 235/45/17 you can see how much room was gained at -1 degree of camber….

With the inner structures built in the rear, the front fender additions made, Brian then began building the outer flares for the rear quarters. With one side completed, matching up the otherside took some time considering each flare was shaped from raw metal with an English wheel, stretchers and some good ol’ elbow grease. Couldn’t have turned out any better, especially with the newly added lines to the already classic shape of the S13 body. See you bitches everywhere soon!


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