VQ35DE Intake Manifold~

We are putting together a single throttle-body Intake Manifold for Jim’s VQ swapped R32 skyline. He will be working towards his Formula D license this year, and has all the support of DOC Race!

This Custom Intake Manifold will allow Jim to pick-up extra horsepower naturally aspirated, while having Boost in-mind for the future of his chassis. The staggered Venturis allow equal air distribution after its charged into the plenum and drawn through the equal runners….

Updates when she’s back roasting rubbers!!!


5 thoughts on “VQ35DE Intake Manifold~

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  2. 2 questions: Do you know if your manifold can be adapted to the fwd application of the vq35de? Second, since this is a single throttle body manifold, have you test fitted the pathfinder throttle body on it?


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