Nissan KA24DE T25 Bottom-mount~

We have decided to build a T25 Bottom-mount version for the KA24DE engine. This manifold is currently in R&D with Enjuku Racing and will be updated shortly to our Catalog. For this version we are working to develop a T25 Manifold that will work with the existing S chassis SR20DET exhaust components such as the Turbo outlets and downpipes…


4 thoughts on “Nissan KA24DE T25 Bottom-mount~

  1. can you pleeeeeeeeeease make this same manifold WITH a wastegate flange(for T3’s) so i can put my pte5858 on it without having to make my own flange? This would fit my 2000 ka24de altima perfect because the runners are angled away from my radiator hose….potential customer!:)

  2. p.s……whats the pricing and materials used is this 304, 304l, 321? if at all possible it’d be REALLY cool if you guys could take a look at complete engineering’s super thick ka24de manifold that was discontinued before i could grab one….you may be able to find a picture at phase2motortrend i believe….anyways thanks for your time

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