V-Mount Civic Update~

Brian really liked the idea of a forward facing throttle body, so we’ve decided to completely change his intercooler and intake manifold setup and do a DOC Race V-mount setup. Brian’s V-Mount Face is motivational

Brian’s car has been with us for about six months and has went through many changes…

Brian's Frontmount Fitment

Brian's K20 Exhaust System

Brian's EK D.O.C. 2.5"

EK Side Exit

Brian's K20

Since building the turbokit, we have made a few changes with the intake manifold layout concerning the throttle body positioning. With those changes, we have tried to design a efficient intercooler layout with the shortest piping possible and still capable of making over 600whp.

With the centered throttle body design becoming an option, we decided to order up the materials to build a DOC version for this layout. With that large of a change to this setup, we decided to completely rearrange the the intercooler and radiator setup.

Brian ordered up his Electric water pump and B Series alternator relocation kit through the holidays. Now were underway with V-Mounting this Civic…

Explaining how the Custom Ducting will be executed…


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