D.R. 350Z Turbokit Update~

We continued with the design of our T4 outlet pipe for the DOC 67mm Turbocharger kit. We are making this section out of the same materials we use for our traditional Turbo Manifolds, schedule 40 wall stainless. For the VQ Turbo Outlet we are using a large 2.5″ ID Stainless Tubing. This creates a strong design with the ability to handle extremely high EGT’s….

Wastegate Purge Outlet DOC Style…

This is the beginning of the Turbo Outlet pipe off of the left engine bank. With everything in place, we were able to start the cross-over transition which will adapt across the rear of the cylinder heads..

The 2.5″ Turbo outlet will have ideal exhaust pressure with the smooth transitions between the cross-over and the wastegate outlet..


With the Turbo outlet completed, we capped off the wastegate outlet and also capped off a Turbo Exhaust housing so we could complete a downpipe to the factory exhaust position. In this case it would be adapted to a Greddy Evo 2 cat-back exhaust system…




Be sure to check back in for updates on the 350Z Turbokit as we will be working on the cross-over pipe next…


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