V-Mount RX7 Update~

With Brian’s new bumper and fenders on we continued to fit the radiator and fit the intercooler in the engine bay….



The intercooler and radiator are mounted, we mocked-up the Cold Charge Pipe until we can figure out powersteering pump clearance. Brian is planning to convert over to a Billet Steering Rack with changeable steering ratio’s so we may be deleting the factory PS setup.

Brian is addressing the stress that will be applied to his FD on and off the track with extensive tuning and multiple different features for controlling tuning. This will be an E85 vehicle helping to control EGT’s and power output with the cleaner burning fuel. Also addressing the stress levels; something that can’t be overlooked is arguably the most important factor, the oil temps. Brian picked up a pair of Earl’s Oil Coolers to accommodate….


We began by tacking some mounting brackets we made to the front radiator/sway-bar support. We’ll be sure to have more udpates as we button up Brian’s exhaust with two Burn’s mufflers and a Stainless dumptube for his Swingate….



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