DOC Race Turbo 350Z~

We began fitting the 67mm Turbo on the 350Z and pulled the bumper off to take measurements for the intercooler core.

We have been using our mock-up engine for determining turbo location; with looking over the intercooler space and the given room for any type of exhaust plumbing we decided to fit the turbo underneath the engine compartment. With removing some of the left-bank exhaust components we worked on finding space for the 67mm T4 Turbo.

350Z Left-Bank Compartment...

67mm (GT40R)

With the Turbo hung, we then worked on making small adjustments to the position for ample clearance with this larger framed turbo. In this position and using this size turbo for fitment, we will be able to use a good range of turbochargers with the kit. We have plans to offer a V-band option with the DOC Race Full Tube Header Upgrade..


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