Brian’s V-Mount RX7 Update~

We continued on Brian’s FD by mapping out the Radiator positioning. By sliding the radiator into our desired position we determined where our brackets were going to go. Brian has been up in the air on what bumper he is going to run so we began fitment with his existing stock bumper and lip…

Brain Bumper and RAD

Radiator Test Fit

Massive Cooling

Once we found the right position for the radiator we pulled everything out and looked to build brackets. Brian already had torn the Notorious Swaybar brackets so we decided to tie everything in and incorporate some heavy duty ones…

Broken Stock Swaybar Mount....

Swaybar Positioning

Swaybar Position

NEW Swaybar Mount

With the new brackets tacked in place we bolted up the sway bar and then found our front re-enforcement bar position…

We then tied the bars together for added rigidity all with roll-cage tubing…

With the main structure of the new Swaybar/Radiator Support completed we then built some tabs for the radiator to mount. With Brian’s bumper situation not quite figured out we machined the tabs with 14mm sleeves so that the radiator can swivel for a new bumper position.



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