1.8T GTI Custom Frontmount~

We have been working with Scott on designing a custom front mount intercooler setup for is 03′ GTI. We originally built him a setup supporting his 300whp.

Scott's Original GTI Intercooler Kit...

Scott wants to run a Euro spec bumper and lip, fitting a frontmount of ANY size is next to impossible without completely shaving the bumper super thin.

2" Pipes

To fit behind the bumper we started with a custom 2″ thick core with bent tanks. These will be matched to 2″ piping fed to his GT28R. In order to line the cooler up we added a tab that uses the factory center support bracket and hardware.

Scott's GTI Pre-intercooler

GTI Frontmount

With the intercooler mounted we started to fit pipes to the new core. Everything needed to be tucked back to even attempt the fit around the trimmed bumper.

Scott made some final trims on his bumper and everything fit up well. Intercooler pipes tucked nicely and even a Tial BOV poking thru the factory vent opening.


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