B Series Topmount A/C and P/S~

Awhile back we built a custom V-band topmount setup for Andy @ AMR Engineering. Andy also wanted to recirculate his MVR wastegate dump back into his 3″ downpipe for a smoother exhaust note. So we went ahead and designed a recirc for his turbo setup starting on the car…

V-band B Series A/C and P/S

With positioning decided we plumbed in a recirculation tube and also installed a flex section to help with any possible stress in the system.

B Series Topmount

Topmount A/C and P/S

B Series Topmount w/ Recirc

Andy is currently putting his car together so we should have some power results shortly. His white coupe will accommodate anyone’s needs; comfortable cabin temps, smooth steering and 500whp.

D.R. A/C and P/S Topmount


5 thoughts on “B Series Topmount A/C and P/S~

  1. I was looking to get a similar manifold and recirc. For my build early 2012. Is this some thing you guy would fab. Because Im going t3 sc61 with a 38mm tial 2 bolt. If so what would I be looking at cost wise. Oh yea in an ek coupe

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