RX7 13B NA Header~

Justin decided to build a custom header recently for his daily NA FC. With some 2 1/8th Stainless Primaries and a nice merge to some 2.5″ bypassing the factory cats. The RX7 has already been equipped with a 2.5″ cat-back exhaust to complement the new header…

Justin's FC

FC Factory Header

FC Header Materials

Pulling the factory header and cat’s off really shows how much restriction is within the OEM system without factoring in the condition of the ancient artifact carbon cats. The car should run a lot better with opening up the exhaust and eventually Justin is going to delete the factory butterfly’s in the intake manifold…

Stock Header FC

FC Header

FC NA Header

With a few cuts and a hand cut merge collector the header took shape and is turning out to be a pretty nice piece. After welding it up laying it beside the factory system shows the obvious advantages to updating the primaries and merge.

FC Header Section

Side by Side

Finishing up all the welds on the new system and it is ready to install. The 2.5″ outlet on the new header will mate nicely to the rest of the 2.5″ exhaust with a single muffler for a deafening exhaust note…


One thought on “RX7 13B NA Header~

  1. I was motivated to build my own custom exhaust for my 13b, I like the way your exhaust turned out, great job.
    I had some questions about what engine mods this car has, any possible information on this I would love to know, I’m new to the rotary world. If its not too much to ask for and if anyone could answer some questions I had I can be reached at thehugo13@yahoo.com..
    Thank you and I’m looking forward to hearing about your build..

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