D.R. 350Z Turbo Update~

We have been planning to build a single turbokit for the 350Z for a few months now. We put some parts together including a 67mm turbo and wastegate ready for fitting and design of the kit. In completing a few other projects we have freed up some time to start laying things out for the Z turbokit….

350Z Project

We are working on locating a few more components to design the kit the way we want, then move forward with getting the kit put together on the car. Fitting the 67mm turbo in the engine bay is definitely something very challenger when planning to retain as many factory options as necessary. There will need to be some slight modifications to components when doing the install but making this as straight forward as possible when installing is always an important factor. We are looking at making a couple factory replacement components to allow for maximum output capabilities such as the rear water crossover.

Three Fiddy Factory Layout

Z Factory Fitment

Factory Layout 350Z

Along with designing the turbokit for the 350Z we have had some coilovers built by Andy @ AMR Engineering. They make very high quality coilover systems for a range of different applications. Custom spring rates and shock valving are available through AMR also. The setup we had built for our 350Z is available now through AMR for $1,695.

AMR 350Z Full Coilovers

AMR Rebound Adj. and Spanner

D.O.C. 350Z Stage 2


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