Always improving our systems of operation and productivity at DOC Race. We are always finding ways to improve the quality of our products and keeping up to date with new technology such as the fast pace technology improvements of turbochargers. There’s so many different frame sizes and housing options that it can be detrimental to finding the right manifold for your application. We work with our customers on there application and goals before we even suggest a manifold; there’s nothing worse then having to buy components more then one time.

Keeping manifolds in-stock at all times; with a large line-up of manifolds that becomes difficult. With our steady improvements in productivity our turn-around time is lightning fast so custom orders are within daily operation. We have ways to prevent being unprepared for specialty orders..

Stacks on Stacks

All of DOC Race manifolds are making a turn to come standard with Billet flanges and have always held the same qualitys regardless of the specific manifold. We have the same process of cutting the merge collector, building the runners and even the welding of the manifolds for all. Whether it’s our Miniram, our Supra 2JZ manifold or a completely custom order you will always get the highest quality hand-crafted piece available. If we can’t appease your build we will assist your direction and make sure your goals are reached. Call us ANYTIME to figure out how to take your project to the next level; maybe even the moon! 503-473-1763

D.O.C. S13


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