Brian’s Turbo K Series Civic Update~

We went to work on Brian’s intercooler pipe layout and figured out the hotside pipe in one shot. We wanted to make the pipes as short as possible while still retaining a good fit around the awkwardness of the K series engine layout. With the turbo side put together we hung back and began to dream up the cold side and how the intercooler charge could be cleaned up…

K Series D.O.C.

Brian's EK

The throttle body direction just wasn’t doing it for this turbo setup so we came up with a DOC Race Solution. While a few cuts were being made to fix the throttle body issue I went ahead with placing the Oil Drain bung for the Turbo’s return system..

K20 Oil Return

K Series Oil Return

With the Oil return in position we were ready to get the sandwich plate for the oil feed and cut some -10 for the return line. A tight charge pipe route was taken from the turbocharger so coming up with a matching solution and cutting down on pipe length was a necessity…

K Series Intercooler Piping

K Series Hot Pipe

K Series Straight Shooter

K Series Turbo Side

We decided to flip the script with the intake manifold and design our own plenum utilizing the cast runners. More of a Wangan Inlet approach with a different Passenger endtank was in-store for Brian’s EK. A plenum almost double in size should work wonderfully with Brian’s Billet 62/62 D.O.C. turbokit; less then half the length in piping will allow the K20 to breath instantaneously…

Beldin's Intake Manifold

K Series Cuts

Slice and Dice

Plenum Cuts

This Intake Manifold has nice runner length and with the large plenum and throttle body will maximize it’s boosting capabilities..

Exposed Runners

New Plenum Taking Shape

With the plenum and throttle body position determined everything was welded up including the Billet throttle body plate and the billet plenum cap. The next step will be to design a new intercooler incorporating the endtank with the throttle body location. Were going to build a custom charge pipe setup the tucks within the High-beam section of the passenger side headlight. Nice and short…

Brian's K Series Manifold

Turbo K Series

DOC Race K Series


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