RB26DET Topmount Manifold Update~

Working on the RB26 topmount manifold we completed the wastegate outlet for Tony’s manifold. He is running a 46mm V-band gate and a T88 turbocharger. This production manifold will have a little bit different wastegate design more similar to our 2JZ manifold, but this manifold was built to a certain specification for Tony’s 300ZX application for clearance.

D.O.C. RB26 Topmount

RB26 Topmount

DOC Race RB Topmount

With the wastegate outlet completed the manifold is ready to get ported and should be completed shortly. We will be sure to update our online store with the RB manifold. The DOC Race website is getting completely re-done and will be incorporating the blog and store in one.

RB Topmount D.O.C.


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