HPF 335i Single Turbo Kit~

D.O.C. Race has been working with Horsepower Freaks on a 335i single turbo kit that they will be launching shortly. We have been designing the single turbo manifold for the HPF kit for the past few weeks and have it put together. This will be mounted with the 71mm Precision turbo and the next step before install will be adding the wastegate outlets….

D.O.C. 335i Manifold

DOC Race 335i Turbo Manifold

We had to make a custom cylinder head flange and we designed it so that this manifold accepts the factory donut gaskets in the cylinder head ports for sealing.

DOC Race 335i

Space is very limited in the 335i engine bay. The layout is similar to the E46 chassis but we are working with less space and cross member to engine mount issues. We temporarily moved the engine mount out of the way until a production mount bracket is completed. With the manifold getting buttoned up the car is going back to HPF for them to design the rest of the kit.

D.O.C. 335i


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