DOC Race Miata Topmount Update~

We went out to today to do a final fit of the Miata topmount manifold. The manifolds runners have been all welded and we wanted to do a final fit for the MVS wastegate….

DOC Race Miata Topmount

D.O.C. Miata Topmount

Miata Topmount

With this topmount manifold the customers concern was to retain A/C. We wanted to get a proper fitment for the wastegate while giving proper space for the tight downpipe fitment and factory air conditioning…

Miata Bay

Topmount Miata

With a small change to the wastegate outlet this manifold will be ready to fit on the car. With this design there is ample room to run a large diameter downpipe, even recirculate the wastegate if so desired…

Miata Downpipe Clearance


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