D.O.C. RB26DET Topmount Manifold~

The RB26 DOC Race Topmount manifold is here! We have been working with Tony on his 300ZX RB project and have made a production design of the RB26 Topmount which is going to be priced the same as our Supra 2JZ manifolds. This specific manifold is an open T4 housing with a single 44mm wastegate flange. The D.O.C. RB manifolds are available for ALL RB20/25/26 engines upon request with a universal flange. Here’s some updates of Tony’s manifold Pre-wastegate…




This manifold was designed to fit a powerplant swapped vehicle. This specific manifold is going in Tony’s 300ZX with an RB26DET mounting a T88 Turbo. This chassis has hood clearance issues with standard topmount RB manifolds so were are working to address these problems for an array of RB enthusiasts!


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