DOC Race SR20DET Topmount~

We have been working with VIP Performance on building a manifold for Steven’s S13 beyond the standard “ramhorn” manifold. With the DOC Race Topmount manifold you have the option of going to a twinscroll collector or just utilizing a T4 flanged turbo with a slightly longer runner design. In this specific case Steven is running a GT35R with a T4 exhaust housing for maximum flow. We began to draw out his specific layout a bit more with a low-angle DOC collector and his turbo…..

T4 DOC Race Collector

Steven Kraft's S13 Bay

Steven's Turbo Placement

With everything mapped out for the longer runners we head back to DOC Race to begin the building of the Topmount. The SR20DET Topmount manifold will move the turbo slightly forward allowing more space for the downpipe and brake master clearance then the standard ramhorn manifold. I’ll be sure to update the progress of Steven’s build!


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