John’s All Motor Civic Update~

John’s civic came together and for the most part got it dialed in as far as tuning goes. We should have a dyno graph from him shortly i’ll make sure to post it up. 260whp and 166ft/lbs, he’s running on E85. Before he took his car out for some test passes we stopped by and finished up his exhaust tips for his full 3.5″ exhaust that Y’s into dual 2.5″ resonators. An 18″ resonator was added into the 3.5″ system also for some sound correction…

3.5" Resonator

John's Resonator

With the resonator in place we could finish the rear section with a pair of polished stainless tips added to his rear resonators…

John's Stainless Tips

2.5" Tips

Everything was hung up and clocked properly with the V-band clamps…

2.5" Duals

John's Duals

Civic Tips

Amongst finishing up the rest of the car, John added in some really clean crank case pressure tanks. These tanks are offered by Radium Engineering who are huge in the Lotus community…

John's Bay

Radium Catch Tanks

DOC Race Header Heat Cylced

Full Engine Bay

Out for some shakedowns at PIR after the car was buttoned up. Planned for IFO @ Woodburn dragstrip but it was rained out. Looks like a chance of some dry weather this weekend so we’ll update some video when some runs are put together; shakedown in the low 12’s on street tires before any 60 ft’s were put down…


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