DOC Supra Drifting~

We had another Pat’s Acres drift day put on by Loki Motorsports and we made some changes to the Supra. The intake manifold and throttle body have been installed and tuned but last time out on the cart course we were getting really hot due to low speed and lack of airflow to the V-mount. The Supra has had NO fans on it and does just fine over 30mph but some fans were needed in order to pull some heatsoak. A custom shroud was built and adapted (4) 8″ electric pull fans to the Supra’s custom Afco radiator…

DOC Supra Fan Shroud

Supra Shroud Tack

Supra Fan Shroud

Relay wired up and temperature settings were set for the fans to kick on. Other then the fans, we had made some modification’s to the suspension settings and also made a pick-up point change to the steering for some massive steering angle. With the suspension changes and the fans in place the car feels 10x better then last time out. The intake manifold and throttle body gave the car a much smoother power band and has a huge advantage with throttle response now….


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