John’s 14:1 Civic Update~

Last week we got a few runners tacked up on John’s header while he was grindin away on the rest of his car in preperation for a first start and some tuning. We took what we tacked back to D.O.C. and started designing the rest of the header into the 3.5″ collector….

John's NA Header Build

All-Motor B Series DOC Header

Did some more tacking and fitting of the reverse cone collector and getting the fourth runner lined up. With a little bit more fitting and a final cut on the runners we were able to get the header tacked and the collector fit for the final fitment….

NA Header Runner Cut...

John's Header with collector fit...

Everything looked good at DOC so we went ahead and made some final tacks and took the header over to HPF for some fitment on John’s car. With the header fit on John’s car we could determine the next cut’s necessary to transition from 2″ primary’s to the 3.5″ collector and make a smooth transition into the custom 3.5″ exhaust..

John's Doing some wiring while we fit the header....

Collector fitment with no cuts yet..

While John and Ryan button up the wiring and figure out the radiator brackets we made a few cuts and started the 3.5″ transition…

Collector Transition Begins

3.5" Transition Start

Everything turned out good after some more cuts and tacks, and the traction bar looks good for clearance. A couple more adjustment and a V-band flange and we were ready to go back to DOC to weld the header up and get everything ready for the custom exhaust. John was ready to fire this beast up so after we fit the header he popped on a header that was laying round and did some idle and partial throttle adjustments…

DOC B Series Header Tacked


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