John’s 14:1 Civic Streetcar~

John Truong (HPF Service Manager) has blown the dust off of his EG Civic hatchback and put an engine in it to pass emissions. It is back at HPF getting transplanted once again this time to his 13.7:1 Compression E85 B series engine…

John's EG Beast

John T B series EG

John Installing His Engine...

John has his engine installed and has been working on doing some wiring with it to support the ID1000cc injectors and clean it up a bit…..

John Wiring

Since the engine has been installed DOC has started the design of a mammoth 2″ Primary Header for his setup…..

DOC All-motor Header

DOC Header

This week we will be working out the collector situation and continuing on the header project while John finishes up the rest of his car. Make sure to check back for the outcome of this beast on the dyno it will be sure to make a scene…

John Truong's All-Motor Car

DOC Header


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