Brian’s V Mount RX7~

Brian has been ready to get his intercooler situation worked out. He needs some intercooler piping and a full-exhaust system as far as plumbing goes and then on to buttoning up his harness to run the AEM computer system for his 13B. He brought it over to DOC so we could take a look at the room permitting intercooler fitment and were definitely going to do a nice V-mount setup….

Brian's FD

Brian's RX7 Arrival

13B w/ Billet Precision Turbo

Brian's FD Enginebay Prior To V-mount.....

We took some measurements to map out the v-mount components. With the radiator on order and the intercooler core getting cut we started with the 3″ downpipe off of the Precision turbo and began a custom 3″ exhaust system….

Gary On The FD Downpipe...

Gary Welding the Downpipe V-band

We’ll be sure to update the fitment and progress of the rest of the exhaust system. It should be finished up in a day or so. V-mount progress will be updated as soon as the radiator comes in and we can start cutting some space….


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