Supra Steering Angle~

Getting the Supra put back together with our Billet Intake manifold and 90mm throttle body. Planned on taking the car to PGP Bigfoot Bash drift event but we had a small issue so it looks like we’ll be getting the bugs worked out and hopefully have it together for the next PARC event at Pat’s Acres. We did a small modification to get some more steering angle out of the Supra….

Supra Steering Modifications

Supra Steering Knuckles

By changing the pick-up point we were able to get over 10 degrees of more angle. We are making a stopper that will be adjustable since doing this modification the tires are able to rub on the lower control from the amount of angle. We should be able to get some serious angle with Supra next event with a few tweaks to this so we’ll see how everything turns out!

DOC Supra Knuckle Modification

DOC Supra Steering Angle

Look for the DOC Race Supra getting some extra angle next time out laying the smoke out…

DOC Photoshoot


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