2JZ Twinscroll MKIII Supra~

Something that’s becoming more popular amongst the MKIII Supra community is ditching the 7M engine and updating to the MKIV 2JZGTE powerplant. It’s a next generation engine that has a lot more capabilities then the outdated 7M engine and also is sandwiched with the sought after Getrag 6speed transmission which is absolutely bulletproof. One of our customers Rodel has an immaculate Black MKIII that has transplanted to the 2JZ engine layout and we have been working with him on fitting a D.O.C. Twinscroll manifold setup in that chassis. The MKIII chassis has quite a bit different fitment requirements for utilizing this type of setup so some large changes have had to be made to complement a twinscroll setup…

Rodel's MKIII

Rodel's Supra

D.O.C. MKIII 2JZ Twinscroll

The collector had to be angled a little bit differently to support the runner transition for clearing the passenger side frame rail. This manifold even with it’s differences in design from our standard 2J Twinscroll is still capable of huge horsepower and doesn’t have any real detrimental flow restrictions for Rodel’s application.

MKIII Twinscroll Mock-up

Twinscroll MKIII

Be sure to check back on Rodel’s Supra completion along with a couple new additions to our Supra. We’ll have the D.O.C. Supra out at the next drift event for some action on the 18th.

DOC Supra

DOC Supra Throttlebody

DOC Supra Drift


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