Handcrafted Shiftknobs~

Some aesthetics and also more shifting feedback is always beneficial in your vehicle. We have been working on including some components like this with our 350Z line-up. Our homies at Level Ride Concepts are working on designing some D.O.C. Edition shift knobs that will be laser etched. For the time being we have a couple designs from them that we have been using and they are very high quality hand-crafted stainless steel pieces. Weighted very appropriate for shifting smoothness and custom designs available. Here’s one we were running in our 350Z…

LevelRide Rickstar Shifter

Rickstar Stainless Shifter

Another design that was pretty creative and not ridiculous like some of the 2 foot shiftknobs out there is the stainless steel ninja sword design…

Ninja Sword

Ninja Sword Shifter


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