Titanium 350Z Mufflers~

Another update on the 350Z titanium exhaust components. We finished the two Ti mufflers that will be inline with the cat delete section. To complete this system we started the design of a Titanium Muffler that will be a dual 2.5″ system out the back of the D.O.C. Z….

D.O.C. Titanium Muffler

D.O.C. Ti Muffler 350Z

Titanium Muffler Next To Ti Test Pipe Mufflers..

We have been spending a lot of time designing these mufflers to shave as much weight as possible while still retaining a large amount of sound reduction. That is why we are running dual test pipes with mufflers and into dual Ti mufflers out the back for a nice smooth tone and no raspy 350Z sound. The first muffler is tacked up ready for packing and has also been polished so that we can anodize it. More updates on the system as it comes together!

D.O.C. 350Z Muffler

D.O.C. Ti Muffler Tip

DOC Titanium Muffler


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