600+ Horsepower Intercoolers~

For those of you looking to go beyond the 500-600 horsepower mark we have the highest quality intercooler cores designed for the 600-800 horsepower cars. This core is a 24x12x4 with D.O.C. custom tanks and has been popular amongst our Supra and SC/Soarer customers. If you want something that won’t have and heat soaking issues and makes the absolute most horsepower possible on your street/race car this core is it. We also offer larger cores upon request but this is ample size for these horsepower goals and relieving the heatsoak issues that occur in most setups.

D.O.C. 4" Intercooler

D.O.C. 4" Core Endtank

D.O.C. Race Intercooler

Ryan Davis of Yaer productions is running this specific core on his Lexus SC monster D.O.C. had a special delivery for him this past weekend….

D.O.C. @ PSI Delivering Intercooler


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