Titanium Resonators~

The D.O.C. 350Z exhaust system is being designed out of 2.5″ titanium and we have started building 2.5″ titanium test pipe resonators to complement this system. We are building the titanium resonators from a thicker gauge material this time around but will be doing our mufflers and future resonators out of 20 gauge…

D.O.C. Ti Resonator

Titanium Resonator D.O.C.

D.O.C. Ti Res

The difference between the stainless resonator and the titanium resonators weight was substantial, over 5 lbs. With the thinner wall material and some different packing were going to use it will be even more….

Ti VS. Stainless Resonator

Titanium D.O.C. Resonator


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